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Leif Medicinals; 

“Really good, all natural and organic edibles and topicals. No chemicals, no additives, no bad days.”


Leif Medicinals will be one of the sponsors for this years upcoming Sabertooth Micro Fest VIP Cannabis Bus Tour.  We know, it’s a long winded name, but what can you expect from this 60 minute experience?  Well for one, you can count on receiving over $150 worth of cannabis products with Leif Medicinals being one of the brands that will be represented and donating.

Leif Medicinals is a small, family-owned and run company that strives to bring extremely high quality goods to Oregon’s patients. They seek to always use responsibly sourced ingredients that are healthful and completely natural, while also being really wonderful to consume and delightful to soothe the body. All products are handmade in Portland, OR.

All of Leif Medicinals edibles and topicals are crafted from high quality ingredients that are always all-natural and organic whenever possible. They never include high fructose corn syrup, additives, chemicals or preservatives, and many of their edibles are dairy-free. Leif Medicinals full extract cannabis oil is carefully incorporated for consistency and reliability, with everything they make stringently tested for accuracy and safety, batch by batch.

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Those who purchase tickets to the VIP Bus Tour can expect these bars to be a part of the mix.  Sign up today!