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Does using cannabis lead to more sex? Many people who smoke, eat, or otherwise consume the plant will tell you: yes, absolutely. But now there’s some research that seemingly supports Cannabis Users Have More Sex.

Using data from 28,156 women and 22,943 men taken from the National Survey of Family Growth, researchers Andrew J. Sun and Michael L. Eisenberg, doctors affiliated with the Department of Urology at Stanford University, tried to get a clearer answer. The resulting study took information from the survey, which included both sexual frequency and cannabis use, and tried to determine if there were any clear trends. “A positive association between marijuana use and sexual frequency is seen in men and women across all demographic groups,” declared the study. In short, people who use cannabis are getting it on.

The doctors found that those who used cannabis had sex at rates about 20 percent more than those who did not. Let’s break it down:

  • Women who don’t use marijuana – 6 times per month
  • Women who do use marijuana – 7.1 times per month
  • Men who don’t use marijuana – 5.6 times per month
  • Men who do use marijuana – 6.9 times per month.

There are some limitations to the study, though; since it was based on survey information that was self-reported, there’s definitely a skew in the information. That’s just how people are. The survey also only covered one month, a very limited timeframe. The study also focused on heterosexual sex, as the “Family Growth” part of the survey name suggests. When you take into account that LGBTQ people are consuming cannabis more than their heterosexual counterparts, you realize that those numbers are important for getting a bigger picture.

Without doing larger, more inclusive surveys or doing direct research on how cannabis effects sex, we’re not going to have a clear picture on how or how much weed usage effects how much sex we have. That probably won’t stop me from using this study as supporting evidence when I’m flirting with my partner.