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Gummy Buds has perfected the art of crafting bite size cannabis infused gummies that aren’t only potent but considered the Turkish delight of the gummy confection world. To be candid, as an experienced edible eater, it was hard to seal the bag once the first of a few gummies are consumed. Dosing during the daytime with the sativa infused gummies by Gummy Buds are optimal for social activities luminous feel good vibes that will eventually lead into a mild relaxation and a creative cerebral spark lasting for hours.

Each batch of hand-crafted Gummy Bud are infused with specifically selected cannabis strains in order to produce an enjoyable edible experience for all styles of users. Infused with genetics from full spectrum Chocolope RSO sourced from Siskiyou Sungrown and a flavorful infusion of citrus mango flavoring, each 5mg sativa gummy taste just like Swedish fish or chewing on orange and strawberry Mike and Ikes.

These sativa strain infused gummies are definitely for daytime or midday use, as many will feel the uplifting and energetic effects flow from the peak of the cranium into the fingertips and into the base of the belly. Said to be best used for dealing with depression, amplifying creativity, or to create a better quality of life.

Containing twelve servings at 5mg a gummy, Gummy Buds cannabis infused gummies are ready to be consumed or can be cut into smaller sized singular doses that allow all types of edible lover to pinpoint their preferred potency range based on overall tolerance and the choice experience. Whether you’re focused on treating definitive conditions such as stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sleeping troubles, or if you just want to enjoy a bit of what these gummies have to offer, Gummy Buds will do just the trick!