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Seattle has its sights set on the taking flight in the cannabis delivery game…literally. There are no guarantees when it’s all about to take off but it’s been confirmed that a Seattle based company has some plans in the works to use cannabis drones for deliveries and see this venture take off as the next biggest cannabis crazes.

GRN Holdings announced in December that it was signing a non-binding letter of intent to purchase drones for a drone-operated cannabis delivery service.

Initially constructed for military operations and affairs, the cannabis delivery drones will be fully equipped with iPads for a payment system, and will be flown by highly-trained pilots.

“I’m not gonna lie — that sounds like a fun job,” joked KIRO Nights co-host Aaron Mason.

GRN CEO Justin Costello suspects that the company will begin test deliveries in Seattle as soon as February or March.

“It has been hard for me to keep this project a secret, because it is so cool,” Costello said in a December news release. “This is the boldest move yet in the industry we have gotten involved with.”

According to CannaTrac CEO Tom Gavin, cannabis drone deliveries will cost approximately a tenth the price of using vans or other vehicles.

“This hits all the needed elements for a true market disruptor,” said Gavin.

While the deliveries will be to dispensaries rather than customers, it also marks a step forward for drone deliveries in Seattle. The idea was first pitched by Amazon, when it teased at “Prime Air” years ago.

“The idea that the idea that it’s being confined to just business to business sounds pretty good,” Mason noted. “But I wonder how many young toughs out there are going to bring out the old slingshots and try and shoot down a drone carrying pounds of weed.”

“I don’t know, but I assume someone has thought about this,” he added.

Photo Courtesy of Ars Technica