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Purple Rose Supply is a cannagar mold company based in California that is taking the traditional interpretation of what it means to be a cannabis connoisseur to a higher tier with their cannagar crafting devices. Founded by a fellow cannabis aficionado, Purple Rose Supply is committed to their mission of innovating ultramodern cannabis tools and accessories that give users an incomparable smoking experience. Now you can “Elevate the way you medicate” the Purple Rose way and make your smoking experience one where everyone gets a piece of the pie. Meant to be shared and enjoyed with all your cannabis comrades, the Purple Rose Supply cannagar mold creates a slow burning, full-flavored cannabis cigar smoking session that will last for hours.

Ready-to-smoke handcrafted cannagars are on high demand so they can be hard to find, as well as being priced as a premium product. On the high end cannagars can cost hundreds of dollars and may only be found in limited release at a handful of dispensaries in select legal states. Purple Rose Supply cannagar molds let you handcraft your own cannagars without limits for a reasonable and affordable price. With Purple Rose Supply cannagar molds, users can roll up any of their favorite strains, add a little kief to the mix, or spice it up with some cannabis concentrates. All Purple Rose Supply G2 CannaMolds come with a built in funnel and latch system that make it super efficient and easy to use. Highly influenced by the original Thai stick, the G2 CannaMold set includes cannagar mold, ten bamboo skewers, a wooden mouthpiece, and a tamping tool. Purple Rose Supply suggests that the cannabis sits at least a few hours inside the mold to take on the classic cigar shape, with a few days being preferable.

At this years CannaCon a couple weekends back, The Daily Leaf team created a party sized cannagar with the Purple Rose Supply G2 cannagar mold. We packed about 8 grams of cannabis but the G2 cannagar mold can hold 10-14 grams of ground cannabis and even more depending on how tightly it’s packed. The tighter the cannagar is packed, the slower it burns according to the Purple Rose Supply team. These cannabis cigars from Purple Rose Supply can go through multiple rotations and be passed around for hours longer than your normal personal joint. Purple Rose Supply cannagars give users considerably smoother hits with a substantial amount of smoke on intake. With hours on these slow burn full flavored cannagars, you can take bigger hits without the cough and without the worry of not having enough to go around.