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Cannabis Cafes lovers in Massachusetts could soon have an awesome, dedicated spot to meet and smoke out with friends.

Massachusetts might become the first state in the US where adults could convene in public spaces to partake in recreational cannabis. The concept of cannabis cafes first became popular in Amsterdam. The state’s cannabis control commission will determine in the next few days whether to approve the regulations allowing the social consumption in the state.

The governor has asked the commission to put off the proposition of social consumption till the commercial marijuana industry gets its foothold.

There are some key points one should be aware of on the issue of social consumption.

Social consumption means people can gather at a public spot to legally purchase and consume cannabis. Even though recreational marijuana operations have become legal following the voter-approved legislation, but it’s still illegal to smoke weed in public spaces. Therefore, any site of social consumption will need licensing and regulation guideline of the state before starting the operations. The proposed regulations have suggested that the cannabis cafes can’t simultaneously serve alcohol.

The commission has proposed to issue a primary and mixed-use license for social consumption. The primary license will be issued to the businesses that are going to generate more than half of their revenue from cannabis sales. These establishments are termed ‘cannabis cafes’, which will be marijuana substituent of bars and coffee shops.

There are also businesses which would sell cannabis as a secondary product such as restaurants, cinemas, and yoga establishments.

Advocates of the idea, see nothing unusual in materializing the concept of social consumption. A representative of Marijuana Policy Project (Massachusetts chapter) thinks that cannabis cafes will be similar to alcohol establishments and no one criticizes public sites for alcohol consumption.

Supporters of social consumption also see such sites as a convenient alternate for people who can’t consume cannabis at home because they have minors in the house.