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You may not know the brand name Hermetics Botanicals, but that won’t be for long.  This Oregon based company specializes in hemp based nootropics and we have been taking them this past two weeks to see if they really work.  To dumb down the idea behind Hermetic Botanicals Focus nootropics they allow for optimal concentration.  Focus nootropic gummies come in a variety of flavors with a special amino/mineral combination as well as a proprietary blent of botanical compounds to supercharge the mind and body.  Increased concentration, clarity and energy levels have been noted with an overall sense of well being.


We will be giving you a full synopsis, but after 2 weeks of taking Focus Nootropics, I am personally seeing a difference in clarity and concentration of the mind.  Take a look at some other testimonials from others who have taken the product for some time;

“I sampled the new nootropic gummies (Focus) the first thing in the morning and I immediately felt a boost of energy. Lately I have been waking up half asleep, restless and really lazy, and that’s with 6+hours of sleep. I’m am very happy to say that trying this product has given me a sense of awareness and allows me to focus better as well as increasing my concentration.”

Keshawn J   

My 9 year old son has been taking 1/3 of the Focus Vitamin gummy daily for ADHD. His attention and ability to make better decisions has improved by 70%. His sleep has improved and his cravings for sugar have decreased. Great product!


Hermetic Botanicals will featuring their high THC gummies this Saturday on the Cannabis Bus Tour.  More info will be available on their Focus Nootropics as well.


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