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CRS Pharms

With The Sabertooth Micro Fest happening THIS WEEKEND, we are doing our final countdown of all of the brands that will be getting involved on the cannabis side of things.  Remember, in order to get your hands on one of these gift bags, you will need to get tickets here.

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One of the many brands that will be contributing to the gift bag is CRS Pharms.  CRS Pharms is compassionate about delivering the highest quality medical marijuana and the most effective cannabis products they can to dispensaries in Oregon.  Currently selling their products at a multitude of dispensaries around town, you can always count on a satisfying high from their products which range from flower, shatter, and cartridges for vaping.



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Party goers on Saturday will be pleased when they open their gift bags and see that CRS Pharms has blessed them with a half gram of locally produced shatter. Be sure to check back with The Daily Leaf as we will be hosting some new deals with their products in mind in the months to come!

CRS Pharms:





Interested in a Cannabis Experience to top off the Sabertooth Micro Fest?  Then check out our VIP Bus Tour!

Sabertooth Micro Fest VIP Bus Tour

Presented by The Daily Leaf & Oregon’s Cannabis Conceirge

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Sabertooth Pre-Party at Jackpot Records with a live DJ set from Dylan Carson of Earth!

2-4pm Saturday, February 6 – Free – All ages welcome – Beer tastings from Blasphemous Brew Fest

Keep the party moving, jump on the bus! The Daily Leaf brings you a fun little adventure ride through the stoners paradise of Portland. Once on the bus you will receive a goodie bag from The Daily Leaf and Sabertooth stuffed full of over $150 worth of party schwag! Enjoy complimentary Voodoo Doughnuts as you we make our way down towards the Crystal Ballroom. We will stop and tourFarmaand receive 10% off any purchase and explore Farma with a guided walk through tour! Next stop is Sizzle Pie for a complimentary slice, and when ready you can make your way to the Blasphemous Brew Fest with some complimentary brew fest tokens to enjoy some creative concoctions, and why not stay for Red Fang, YOB, Witch Mountain, and Eternal Tapestry! The full Sabertooth experience is one wild ride!

Get your Bus Tickets Here!

First bus leaves Jackpot Records at 3pm

$60 – 21 and over