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I’ve never been pulled over while driving high.

Of course, we at the Daily Leaf do not condone stoned driving, which is illegal and unsafe. But that doesn’t mean we’ve never done it. So we can only imagine the anxious mental response we’d be likely to go through as an officer of law stepped up to our drivers’ side window to start questioning us. In our imaginings, half of our brain would be freaking the fuck out while the other half would be saying “Easy, youngblood. Keep your shit straight and there’s no way they can tell.”

That may be changing. Oklahoma has announced the planned launch of a pilot program to deploy a cannabis breathalyzer. Ganjapreneur reports that the program, which may take up to a year to be deployed, is part of an initial testing process. As such, participation will be voluntary and results of tests, the police say, will not be used in prosecutions.

We’re torn between our healthy distrust of police and our general fondness for public safety. We’re also laughing a little as we try to imagine the interaction in which the cop asks a stoned driver if they’ll participate in the voluntary marijuana breathalyzer pilot program. Of course, we’ve got a buddy who ran into two cops while walking out of a donut shop (this is not a lie) late at night, back when weed was illegal. Panicked, he took the sack of weed out of his pocket, handed it to the cop, and apologized profusely. So maybe the Oklahoma police will catch paranoid teenagers with the voluntary pilot.

Though we’re unclear on the details of the breathalyzer technology being used, the report states that it will be able to detect if an individual has smoked marijuana in the past two hours. If we’re reading this right because the test evaluates if cannabis smoke has been in the user’s mouth, edibles will remain undetected, and dabs may as well. But as a general practice, we’d just suggest driving sober. You can’t beat it.

Photos Courtesy of Public Radio Tulsa