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Two Chicago airports, O’Hare International Airport and Midway Airport, have set up “Cannabis Amnesty Boxes” for travelers to dispose of their recreational marijuana and other related cannabis products before hopping on their flights.

Each of the Cannabis Amnesty Boxes, which were placed in both airports last week to be consistent with the Jan. 1 legalization of marijuana in the state, are located near TSA checkpoints.

Though TSA and police are not specifically focusing on passengers potentially or in fact have cannabis in their carry on – it is legal to have marijuana in the Chicago airports – it is still fairly illegal to fly with any drug, as airspace is regulated by the federal government and the drug is still illegal under federal law.

While TSA does not taking the time to search every person for “marijuana or cannabis-infused products” at security checkpoints, however agents are “obligated to report any illegal drugs or substances that are found under federal law,” a spokesperson for the TSA told Fox News. Local police then determine what further action to take, if any.

The Cannabis Amnesty Boxes are managed by the Chicago Department of Aviation and the police, Chicago Tribune reported. Police officers will routinely empty the boxes and file reports for items and articles found in the boxes, as well as dispose of relinquished and collected materials inside.

The two Chicago airports are not the first to install cannabis disposal boxes, as both McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and Colorado Springs Airport in Colorado have also installed amnesty boxes for passengers who need to surrender their marijuana before flights.