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Canada Marijuana Laws will be the first legalized recreational cannabis laws that will forego limits on private possession. As part of the impending country-wide legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the first draft of the Cannabis Act has outlined some of what we should expect: including unlimited private possession of cannabis.

Though you’ll be able to possess unlimited amounts of cannabis privately in Canada, there will be other limits: one can only possess four plants privately, and individuals cannot possess more than 30 grams of pot in public.

This is in contrast with other legal cannabis programs, which typically have legal possession limits in place, both publicly and privately. For example, the only other federal government that has legalized cannabis, Uruguay, has a personal possession limit of 40 grams, and for individuals that cultivate their own, there is a 6 plant and 480 gram yearly limit.

This is actually somewhat out of place among other aspects of the Cannabis Act, which is stricter, with approximately 45 cannabis-related offenses: for example, possession of over 30 grams publicly could result in 5 years’ jail time.

This is also the federal law: provinces will be able to enact their own limits within their borders in order to curb private possession and trafficking, but it’s also possible that some provinces won’t create such limits in their laws. Some provinces, in the past, have enacted private tobacco possession limits, but none have enacted such limits on private alcohol possession. In a FAQ on Canada’s webpage about legalization, one does ask why private possession is unlimited, but public isn’t. Though it wasn’t answered in detail, it does state that “30 grams of legal dried cannabis is a reasonable amount to be carried in public by an adult.”

There are concerns that the lack of a limit of private possession could make law enforcement efforts more difficult, but there are other laws in place that should theoretically help, including prohibiting unauthorized sale outside of the program.