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For regular readers of The Daily Leaf, our admiration of this Burmese Kush strain will come as no surprise. We’ve often sung the praises of those strains that emanate from the original home of marijuana, the mountainous region that stretches across Northern India, through Afghanistan and Pakistan, and east to Nepal and Burma. This is where our favorite plant comes from, and we think that the strains that hearken back to those origins deliver delicious and decimating heavy hitters. When we spied a two for one Sunday special on Applegate Valley Organics products at Nectar, we jumped right on this.

To be perfectly honest, these aren’t the most gorgeous buds we’ve ever seen. The loosely packed outdoor grow presents medium sized sage colored nugs with a marginal trichome coat and very few brown pistils. The fragrance is cloyingly sweet, reminiscent of overripe fruit with a distinctly hayish undertone. But though it doesn’t look like much, we’re thrilled by the performance of this dumbbell heavy strain.
The well cured grow presents a smooth and easy burn that isn’t rough on the throat. The strain is creeper, but by the time it hits you, you’re unlikely to do a whole of moving. This is as classic of an indica as you’re likely to find, with that warm melt into your couch kind of glow. This is the kind of herb that you don’t even touch unless you want to kiss the rest of your day goodbye in a haze of papers and grinders and bits of roach and half forgotten doobies smoldering in the ashtray. As we’re watching reports of snowmageddon going down on the east coast, we can’t help but think that we would have been delighted to have this Burmese Kush strain in our jars during Portland’s last day of winter wonderland. Next year, we’ll know what to stock up on when the winter weather advisory comes rolling through.