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It was 9:30 on a Saturday night when we realized that our weed jar was running low. Low on cash and running up against a 10pm dispensary closing time, we hurried down to Green Front and made a quick decision, grabbing the cheapest highgrade we could find. We ended up with a couple of grams of the Brain Wreck strain, a choice that the friendly budtender described as an indica dominant hybrid with an intense body high.

We don’t always win when we choose a grow at random, but we were pleasantly surprised by this mystery strain. The fragrance – present without overwhelming – recalls grilled eggplant seasoned with an abundant dash of spicy black pepper. The buds were large and dense, darkening to a deep evergreen at the tips. They presented some of the darkest marijuana that we’ve ever seen in a non-purple grow. This grow’s trichome coating is moderate and yellow, with an abundance of orange-red pistils.

Though much of the strain-specific flavor of this grow was lost in combustion, the effects were rapid and pronounced. The budtender’s description of a complete body high was apt; we experienced significant relaxation throughout the body. But despite the extreme potency of the grow, we remained essentially clear headed. Although novice smokers would likely find that this strain sends them to the moon, regular consumers will find that they’re able to effectively carry on an analytical conversation or engage with a compelling news article without any strain. The Brain Wreck strain also seems to be an excellent choice for smokers looking for a long lasting high. An early afternoon toke left us sedated long after the sun fell.
With this Brain Wreck strain, HoodView Cannabis has delivered a powerful bud with full body sedation minus the cerebral euphoria that can make clear thought difficult. It’s a great choice for a long gray Sunday afternoon among good friends or curled up with a good book.