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Bo’s Nose Tropicana Cookies fresh-pressed rosin is so good it converted me to dabbing. Here’s how it happened:

As old school smokers from the days when bubble hash was the closest thing out there to concentrates, it took us a while to warm up to the notion of getting lit without lighting up. We couldn’t get away from the inevitable crack-head comparisons from our non-dabbing friends as soon as the torch came out. And when we first crossed paths with concentrates, it was low-grade BHO in a black-ops basement grow at some rando’s house out in Clackamas. The stuff tasted terrible and really we wanted to just cop our quarter and GTFO of this weird dealer’s pad. But times have changed since then.

Despite those changes, your Daily Leaf correspondent was a slow dab adaptor. It wasn’t until he got his hands on a Puffco Peak to do away with the torch vibes that he started experimenting with the higher end dabs that would really show him what the scene had to offer.

At $60 to $80 a gram out the door, the high-grade hash rosins coming out of Bo’s Nose Knows aren’t for your budget-conscious consumers. But just unscrew the lid of this cold-pressed, terpene heavy, and nearly translucent dab and you’ll immediately know what you’re paying for. The fresh-squeezed orange juice aroma of this Tropicana Cookies rosin comes bursting through, nearly assaulting the nose. Dabbed, even at high temperatures, the taste of this beauty comes through abundantly, making the hit a multi-sensory experience.

And with the surefire genetics of Tropicana Cookies underlying this heavy-hitting dab, nobody’s going to be disappointed. True to its hybrid Tangie and GSC lineage, the rosin gives a mild but sativa leaning buzz. There’s plenty for the head here, with a clean and cerebral high for an active session. This is doing work outside the type of dab.

But the flavor. Oh, the flavor. If you’re looking for something to spend your stimulus check on, that flavor might not be a bad choice. Delicious.