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CBD(cannabidiol) is quickly becoming a mainstream method of achieving many benefits to health and well-being, and Blue Star Donuts’ new seasonal CBD offering is a testament to this.

“Donuts for Grownups” is Blue Star’s mantra. From Blueberry Bourbon Basil to Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib, Blue Star’s menu honors that motto with deliciously clever and sometimes out-of-left-field, yet surprisingly tasty pastries.

We took a trip to Blue Star…well, two different locations, as the first was sold out for the day… to try their CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Custard Donut for ourselves.

Blue Star Donuts 1155 SW Morrison #102

Blue Star puts a lot of love into this recipe, with an 18-hour brioche shell filled with thick Varhona dark chocolate custard. The custard is infused with rich Oregon hazelnut extract and the MVP of this treat: locally grown hemp CBD from GüüD Manufacturing. The donut is then rolled in a crunchy homemade hazelnut powder. The result is a wealth of chocolatey, nutty pastry that will delight the tastebuds before the 10mg of hemp CBD begins to soothe aches and anxiety. Along with a cup of coffee, we can’t think of a better way to start the day.

When Blue Star launched this bold item last month, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenhaur stopped by to give their approval and try the donuts themselves. Wyden and Blumenhair have been staunch advocates for cannabis reform nationwide, boasting the economic, employment, and health benefits of the industry seen in our state.

Blue Star Donuts uses Shepard’s Grain flour in their products, which is a conglomerate of local family farms which practice sustainable no-till farming. A portion of sales from the CBD donuts goes to David Brewer, a Shepard’s Grain farmer whose family farm sustained heavy damage during the Substation fire last year.

With such high endorsements from State officials, proceeds benefiting local farming families, that would be enough for us to give our sincere recommendation for the CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Custard Donut. But on top of that, the donut is simply delicious. Besides, we want to see more CBD products offered from mainstream brands, as we believe CBD can benefit a wide variety of symptoms and enhance our individual and cultural state of well-being.

We salute Blue Star Donuts for their ambitious treat, and sincerely hope it becomes a permanent menu item.