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If you’re anything like us, for your recreational cannabis consumption needs, you tend to stay away from high CBD strains. Federal restrictions have meant that the interaction between CBD and THC in smoked marijuana is highly unclear. Some studies suggest that it may be a necessary potentiating agent in the THC absorption process while others suggest that the effects of THC are limited by when a significant amount of CBD is present. For our purposes, it’s always made more sense to consume low CDB weed for recreational use along with CDB oil on the side for any medical needs. But when we stumbled across this Blue Shark strain from Bend’s Tokyo Starfish, we decided to branch out and try something new.

The Blue Shark presents a distinct visual experience. Because the flower is so heavily coated with yellow trichomes with orange hairs, it appears orange from a distance, the green only coming through as the bud is crushed.The aroma is mild, with hints of spicy herbaceousness.

With 6.71% THC and 11.33% CBD, this is likely to be one of the more intoxicating CBD strains. Though its THC level is probably no stronger than hippie-era weed, its total cannabinoid content is on par with heavy duty selections. We were eager to find out what effect this herb would have.

The Blue Shark strain bit us surprisingly fast. Though it never came on too strong, the effects were more pronounced than we had expected. We felt an immediate relaxation in the body, almost as if we’d just emerged from a long soak in a hot spring. This physical relaxation was accompanied by negligible cognitive effects. And while all of the properties of CBD are far from clear, a consensus seems to be forming around its anti-anxiety properties. Like many users, some strains cause us uncomfortable anxiety. But this high CBD strain left us extremely calm.

Though high CBD choices like Blue Shark are unlikely to replace our favorite strains anytime soon, we’re definitely going to start paying more attention to what they have to offer. This is an excellent choice for occasional smokers, those who struggle with THC related anxiety, or most smokers over 60.

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