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Oregon-based Omega Blends Farm is a family-owned indoor hydroponic cannabis grower, offering some of the finest cannabis on the market.Their flagship, the Blue Pineapple Chunk Strain, is a testament to their mission of quality. It is a cross of blue dream and pineapple chunk. This unique strain will provide energy with a long lasting full body high.

A cross of the highly-popular Blue Dream and Pineapple Chunk, this strain is bred with the seasoned toker in mind.  A few hits and you will be impressed by the potency of this flower, as the cerebral boost comes on strong and makes its presence known. Even still, you’ll find you have energy, and Blue Pineapple Chunk is ideal for spending high time on your creative projects, exercise, or even your 9-5. Personally, I got lost in a video game for a couple of hours, and Blue Pineapple Chunk was my Player 2.

Its citrus flavor and sweet aroma make this strain a feast for the senses. It isn’t too harsh on the intake and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The Blue Pineapple Chunk strain is an all-around excellent product, and I look forward to checking out more from Omega Blends Farm.

Omega Blends Farm is dedicated to being your top choice when it comes to consistency and quality. Their lovely creation called the Blue Pineapple Chunk strain is a bold mission statement in plant form, and any sativa-loving cannasseur would be missing out to pass on this one.



“We are dedicated to consistently producing the highest quality product possible. To accomplish this, we use highly stable indoor environments in addition to innovative hydroponic systems. Our handlers have over a half of century of combined cannabis cultivation knowledge and they define the culture that is Omega Blends.”

“Our mission is to deliver a wide variety of options for medical patients and cannabis connoisseurs alike. We use ideal growing habitats to ensure our top shelf strains meet quality standards that far exceed those of our competitors.”