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With temperatures dropping and snow falling in much of Oregon over the past two weeks, we’ve spent more time than usual inside, in front of the fire, with hot cocoa at hand. And when we’re nesting in our winter warmth cocoon, the odds are good that we’ve got a nice heavy Indica at hand. This time, we stopped into Progressive Collective before the storm to pick up an eighth of the Blackwater Strain from SMW Agriculture. The deep and stony grow proved to be the perfect companion for our day snowed in.

The Blackwater flower is extremely dense and dark in color, with an exceptionally rich coating of snowy white trichomes and an abundant shock of fine orange hairs. The fragrance presents a subtle but rewarding terpene profile with hints of sweet and sour grape finished by a piney top note. Unlike some more potently flavorful strains, this flavor does not carry through to the smoke well upon combustion.
The strain has noteworthy Cali indica parentage, with genetics coming from Mendo Purps and SFV OG, and the lineage doesn’t disappoint. This proved to be the perfect accompaniment to our day of snowy isolation, keeping us cozy through a book, a couple of episodes of our podcast of the moment (2 Dope Queens), and – with the help of a cup of coffee – even got us through the baking of some (unmedicated) brownies. The effects were slow to emerge, but pointed us in the direction of deep relaxation and stress relief as soon as they crept on. We experienced little to know cerebral euphoria, though we did find our thoughts to be a bit more muddled than your average indica might bring on. We also experienced notable eye dryness and hunger. For a classic indica with a reliable OG lineage, Blackwater is a trusty choice.

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