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Black Rock Originals was founded in 2014 and are primarily based in Denver Colorado. Black Rock OG markets and distributes modern custom accessories for stoners on the go and for those that want to keep their stash a little more discrete. Their main goal is to raise the standards of cannabis accessories when it comes to overall functionality and principals. By incorporating design, organization, and discretion elements Black Rock Originals plans to be one of the most innovative cannabis brands in the industry.

Black Rock Originals states that their Safety Case is smell proof and ready for all weather types of use depending on the user. The Safety Case would make a great gift for yourself or your favorite smoking buddy. These cases are incredibly odor resistant, water proof, and allow you to pick the exact items that you will need on the inside for your smoking style, such as; non-stick container, dabber, rolling papers, lighters, etc.  The Safety Case is designed to hold all your smoking products in one space, safe and secure. There are straps to hold products in place, and a zipper to keep your case closed up. No matter what situation, you’ll always be prepared.

The Black Rock Originals Safety Case only comes in black for now, with a choice of four emblem colors and ships empty or stocked. The stocked version comes with: Two medical grade Pebble containers, One stainless steel grinder card, Two packs of rolling papers in two different sizes and One Black Rock lighter.

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