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Kenosha County, Wisconsin prosecutors say a woman, Courtney Huffhines, who faces charges of manufacturing black market vaping cartridges with THC oil, was aware of the illegal activity and allowed some products to be manufactured at her real estate office.

A criminal complaint alleges some vape cartridges were assembled in the Realty Executives office of Courtney Huffhines before the operation was moved to a condo rented by Huffhines’ son under a fake name.

Huffhines is the mother of two brothers charged with running a large scale THC vape manufacturing operation. Authorities say the 43-year-old woman knowingly participated in the illegal black market operation. She’s charged with six felonies, including manufacturing or delivering THC. She was released on $100,000 bond after appearing in court.

Officials say they found a locked cabinet at the real estate office that had equipment used to make vaping products. Investigators say the 43-year-old mother knowingly participated in the illegal operation.

Authorities earlier arrested 20-year-old Tyler Huffhines and 23-year-old Jacob Huffhines. Hundreds of illnesses around the country have been linked to vaping, but authorities have not singled out a product or ingredient as the culprit.

These arrests shine a light on the black market THC vape industry that led to the recent outbreaks of lung disease and death.

The demand for quality, regulated cannabis is high, yet many states and the Trump administration seem adverse to obeying the will of The People.