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East of Portland, through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Big Beard Farms is an indoor cannabis grow located in Hood River, Oregon. Started by a hockey loving, snow surfing, soul rebel, Big Beard serves up some frosty treats that take you through high altitude adventures. 

Montana Silvertip (MS) is a cross of Grand Daddy Purple x Super Silver Haze. Testing at 29% THC, this hybrid strain is a great combination of some major Indica and Sativa traits. Its polarizing effects are detectable simultaneously in both mind and body. Big Beard’s MS has textbook bud structure, light green flowers with beautiful blood orange hairs, and a fragrant, fruity smell. Once ground up and rolled, an aromatic raspberry-banana terpene profile hits your tastes buds through the un-lit joint. MS is a flavorful, terpene-rich smoke. After every hit, a unique peppery note hints the back of the mouth. True to its name, Montana Silvertip, is reminiscent of the effects felt on the tips of mountain tops. The high is felt in the dome region of the head, as if the top of the head is being pulled to higher altitudes. It is a simplifying high, thoughts are focused and clear, all distractions are eliminated and your mind converges on the most essential matter at hand. From the forehead down is a completely different experience. While your thoughts may float on an elevated buzz, your body is more likely to find itself fixed in the awareness of the present. A serene, long-lasting body high that keeps you functioning fluidly through your space and environment. The synergy of these effects are great for high stress levels, delivering a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. The anti-anxiety relief is immediately noticeable without the side effects of drowsiness. MS does stimulate the appetite. However, conscious and beneficial choices seem to be the natural inclination. 

Big Beard Farms is focused on providing small batch, high grade cannabis grown with love. Every plant is hand watered, feed natural nutrients derived from Earth, and guaranteed to take you to stoney heights. From the owner who single handedly operates everything from gardening to sales, “The reality is this game is David vs Goliath. And I like being David!” 

Omar Hajjar