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BeWonderful Wellness Center is a boutique dispensary located in the Hollywood District of Portland. Designated as an herb lover’s paradise where consumers are guaranteed to score premium packs of gas, BeWonderful has been bringing the fire plus some remarkably flame strains for just under a year. With a dynamite team of professionals and as one of the most seasoned vertically integrated cannabis shops cultivating curated in house flower, it’s no wonder why every visit people walk away with sure-fire products that’ll always be wonderful.

BeWonderful’s current collection of in-house cultivated craft cannabis is a line-up of sophisticated exclusionary strains like Green Candy, WonderSnacks, and Mystery Haze and more recognizable staples such as GSC, Dogwalker OG, and Hippie Crippler. As chief of the flame gang and top of the list of fancy flower options is BeWonderful’s very own BeWonderNugz. Bred by the BeWonderful master grower himself, BeWonderNugz is a household favorite that’s made a whirlwind on the flower menu and in the lungs of many consumers.

BeWonderNugz by Be Wonderful
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BeWonderful has given BeWonderNugz the nickname “the perfect storm” of sativa strains because of the notorious union of two famed strains, Haze and Trainwreck. Both of these strains can be traced back to original landrace sativas, whose heirloom ancestry is a true treasure among cannabis cultivator and consumers alike. The force with this one is no joke when it comes to the flavor profile and full intense effects. Tenacious tropical notes and a pronounced aroma of blood orange and sweet honey from the Haze side of this strain will invigorate users as much as the associated feelings that surface from BeWonderNugz.

BeWonderNugz has that automatic cerebral effect that produces a flurry of amusement and a sudden downpour of refreshment. There will be equal moments fuzzy focus and mental crispness. As far as the indica related couchlock that is familiar to many, BeWonderNugz will have you leaping out of your loafers one minute with an intense energy and in the same swoop have you cuddling up on the coach with your sweetie. The unanticipated sedative effects that come on fast and strong make this a full fledged afternoon strain. Get ready to be in pure wonder with the high from the nugs on this up and coming classic from BeWonderful.

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