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Fingers are crossed and great hope has been held by cannabis law reformers that a candidate like Senator Bernie Sanders would call for an end to the ineffective and adverse policy of marijuana prohibition. The Vermont Senator had thrown stones at the War on Drugs decades ago and held more enlightened views and forward-thinking on just about every angle; reforming U.S. marijuana laws and the greater Drug War appeared to to fit in perfectly with his liberal agenda.

In the beginning Sanders presented slight clues that he would reveal his marijuana policy in the future. While shoo-in Hillary dismissed any opportunity to affirm her stance or support for legalization, Senator Sanders was more than willing to divulge that he would be eager to vote for Nevada’s marijuana legalization measure during a Democratic debate in Las Vegas. Finally, Sanders introduced a bill that would virtually end federal cannabis prohibition and would remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances.

It’s more than a breath of fresh air to see Senator Sanders reestablishing his overall commitment to the cause with the statements that have followed. Cannabis law reformers have to be pleased and confident by the positions taken by Sanders, considering reformers have been grumbling for years about politicians reluctant to challenge the mere idiocy of marijuana prohibition. Now, there’s finally a candidate that not only has been a major advocate to end cannabis prohibition, but has also called the entire Drug War a failure.

Even though many may it’s a long-shot for Senator Sanders to win the Democratic nomination, he an arm’s reach away from winning the Iowa caucus and is the definite favorite to win the New Hampshire primary. Sanders’ progress in fundraising will give him the ammunition and backing to be very competitive as the primary race moves along, especially if he can win both Iowa and New Hampshire, but he will need our help.

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