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For Jim Belushi, it’s not about the money drawing him into the cannabis industry, rather it’s the power of the plant. From being completely hands-on at his cannabis farm in Medford to his deep involvement in charity work here in Oregon, Belushi is committed to providing quality cannabis products for those that are truly in search of medicine.

Jim Belushi stopped by The Daily Leaf office to talk about his experiences in the cannabis industry. In the following TDL interview, we discover why Jim chose Oregon to start his cannabis farm, what it was like working with Tupac Shakur, and what he’s learned during his first three years in the weed business.

Belushi's Farm

The Daily Leaf: Tell us about your brand?

Jim Belushi: Belushi’s Farm is located along the Rogue River in the Southern Oregon Banana Belt. We cultivate six strains currently. The Crippler, which I call the “truth serum,” makes you feel really good and warm, vulnerable, and sweet. Be careful with the Crippler. We also have Cherry Pie, which is really popular. I call it the “marriage counselor.” The Cherry Pie is great because it’s not a high THC, but it has 3% terpenes, much of it myrcene, and the myrcene really does break down the cell wall allowing the THC and CBD to become more effective. It’s entourage effect is a really nice feeling, and manageable. I’m about management because I have a low tolerance, so I’ll smoke my Blue Dragon which is another kind of working man’s flower. You can stay clear, focused, get your work done, while still being charming and articulate. We have Chocolate Hashberry, which is way too strong for my tolerance. We have Star Dawg and Black Diamond OG. Soon, we have a joint pack coming out called Belushi’s Secret Stash. A six pack comprised of two sativa, two hybrid, and two indica pre-rolls, so keep an eye out for that at your local dispensary.

Belushi's Farm

DL: I’ve read some of your other interviews, the passion comes through when you talk about cannabis. When did your love for cannabis start?

JB: I’ll tell you this story about a veteran I met on the coast, he really changed my life. I was visiting a dispensary when this man came up to me and said our Black Diamond OG is the only strain that helps him sleep, and helps him with his PTSD.

I came into this industry because I wanted to plant something on my farm and that’s how it started, but this plant has taken me spiritually to another place, personally and emotionally. It’s about the healing. Everyone is searching for medicine, it could be yoga or jogging, but I sure would like it to be cannabis as opposed to alcohol. I started as just a farmer and now I’ve come to this place of wanting to do healing in the community. Let’s start with the families.

Belushi's Farm

DL: You’ve been really involved in doing charity work in both California and Oregon, will you tell us about that?

JB: My wife and I are part of the Joyful Heart Organization and the Rape Treatment Center down in Santa Monica. In Los Angeles, for the last 20 years, we’ve gone the VA Hospital to help make meals for the veterans. In Oregon, I perform with my band in Medford to raise money at benefits. There’s this place called Butte Creek Mill in Eagle Point. It burned down one Christmas Eve years ago, so I’m involved in raising money for its restoration. I’m also helping reconstruct the historic Holly Theater.

DL: California is the biggest marijuana market to date, why did you pick Oregon as a place to start your business?

JB: I love and appreciate the culture of Oregon, the people in Oregon are very nice. It was also legal before California, and I was able to learn here, so I am really connected to Oregon and cannabis. This is where I got my cannabis education. I know it’s a saturated market and it’s difficult, but I like the product in Oregon— it’s the best in the country.

DL: You were one of the lucky few who got to spend a lot of time with Tupac [Shakur] before he passed. How was working with him on Gang Related. Was he all business?

JB: Yes, I worked on Gang Related with Tupac. I love Tupac.

We had our cast reading down in Burbank in some strange neighborhood. Everyone was there and Tupac was thirty minutes late. We do the readthrough and then the director, the producer, Tupac and I go into the office and we start to talk. In the middle of our talk, I asked Tupac why he came late and questioned if he was committed to making this movie. Tupac says, “I couldn’t find a parking space.”

I told him there were a lot of people waiting on him and suggested he leave earlier since he hadn’t been there before. Nevertheless, I had a hard time finding a parking space, too, because it was such a strange neighborhood. I wasn’t going to give it to him. I told him we should cast someone else, that I didn’t want him coming late everyday.

He got so mad, he went to his feet. I went to my feet, too, and was in his face. After exchanging a few “F-yous” back and forth, Tupac said he was so committed to making this movie that he made bail to do his last movie. When he said that, I laughed. I laughed so hard.

Then, he laughed and put my arms around him and he put his arms around me and we were married from that spot on. He was like a brother to me. He was a total pro. He showed up on time and had his lines down. The joy of working with him came through in the scenes. We were really good together. Ten days after the movie, he experienced that tragic death.

He was wonderful.

DL: Do you think Tupac would be your partner if you approached him with your weed business?

JB: Oh yeah, all day. He would be here right here with me right now.

DL: This question is directed towards the people trying to get into the weed business. What’s one mistake you made that you could have avoided?

JB: Naivety. It’s a new business and it doesn’t work the same as a retail clothing business. I made some mistakes and it cost me financially. I know from experience now what to ask for and look for. I’m learning what people are interested in, what they like and what they don’t like in Oregon. Naivety is where mistakes came for me. I’m grateful for all the lessons. I feel good here in Oregon.

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