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These last couple months have been the all about the hustle for the marijuana activist and Bay area rap artist Berner. He dropped his new album Hempire on April 1st and then eight days later he opened his first dispensary called Reef. Just two days ago he hosted one of the biggest 420 celebrations in his hometown with an estimated 12,000 stoners in attendance, appropriately called “Hippie Hill”.

He was even recently interviewed by about how he managed to become one of the biggest marijuana entrepreneurs in the world. According to writer Jesus Trivino and Bern himself, the rapper works almost 20 hours a day to operate his medical marijuana business, clothing line called Cookies, his beverage line called Hemp2o, his music, while also regularly staying in touch with his fans via social media.

With a total of 22 projects/albums available on iTunes, it’s safe to say that Berner isn’t going anywhere. When speaking with Trivino, Berner mentioned that growing up he watched both of his parents work really hard. He saw how much effort went into his father running a Mexican restaurant, while his mother ran her own headhunting business from their home. He said he had to learn how to be his own boss and to go with his gut pretty early on. One thing he spoke on was that you always need to make sure to find joy in and love what you’re doing.

“I haven’t stopped and I stayed persistent. I’m great at picking production. I aim at other projects as well as far as putting really good artists with production that they’re not really used to working on. It’s interesting to be where we’re at with no radio plays, no TV plays,” Berner was quoted by “And as a Latin artist, if you’re not a certain type of style then you just get blacklisted. I’ve heard this many times: I’m not Latin enough for Latin radio stations and I’m not black enough for black radio stations and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m Latin and I don’t rap in Spanish.’ We just been working bro, you know how we get down”.

Berner is way more than just your average weed smoker; he’s a “young kingpin in the weed game”. So what’s up next for Uncle Bern? The Best Thang Smokin’ Tour is currently in progress, 30 shows starting in San Francisco (Berner’s hometown) and finishing up strong in Los Angeles. Not to worry, he’ll be making two stops in Oregon (Eugene and Portland).

To get your tickets to Berner’s upcoming show here in Portland on May 6th go to:

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