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Let me level with you for a moment. For your Daily Leaf correspondent, times have been a little tough lately, at least on the financial tip. While there’s no need to bore you with the details, the outcome has been that I’ve been keeping my eye out for deals lately. So while I’ve got my go-to deal spots (Nectar on Sundays, Khaleefa on Mondays and Tuesdays, Satchel on Fridays, Deanz Greenz everyday), sometimes you just stumble into a bargain. When a sweet smelling grow of the Banana Kush strain came across my radar selling at a discount, I eagerly snapped it up.

This Banana Kush grow was on sale because the buds were pretty ugly. And, fair enough: who wouldn’t like fat, dense, crystal laden nugs? Instead, this grow comes with buds that are sparse and leafy with good pistil cover but only a light dusting of visible trichomes. But it all looks more or less the same once I’ve rolled it into a spliff. I’m much more concerned with fragrance. This indica dominant hybrid unmistakably draws its bouquet from its Ghost Haze lineage. The dominant cloying sweet tones are characteristically hazey, though we’re not really convinced by claims that the strain smells like bananas.
We found that this grow smoked smoothly and evenly, with hints of the sweet terpene profile surviving combustion. It definitely falls into the creeper category: one might be disappointed immediately after finishing a joint, only realizing how effective it is twenty minutes later. The sativa influences are evident in the indica dominant hybrid; while it’s not a buzzy, energetic high, it lacks the motivation sapping relaxation of some pure indicas. To us, it feels a bit like a more mellow Sour OG. While it’s plenty strong for most users, heavy smokers might find that it doesn’t quite push them into the blissed out territory they’re looking for. All in all, this grow of the Banana Kush strain is a competent smoke with a great bouquet.