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Lissa’s Tasty Treats aren’t just a cannabis infused take on the conventional pre-baked cookies, but a high end version on the take em’ and bake em’ style cookies. For all the foodie fanatics and cookie connoisseurs, Lissa’s Tasty Treats cookie dough comes in three appetizing flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth and inspire you to come up with various cookie creations. These bite sized baked goods are considered the ultimate comfort food that are the go to for brighting up a friends day, breaking out a batch of delicious delights for an after dinner dessert, or putting on your own personal “baked sale”.

Each batch of bake em’ yourself cookies showcase the chewiness, freshness, and sweet aroma that can be easily compared to that of Bridge City Cafe or Helen Bernhard Bakery. All batches of dough are infused with a high purity concentrated CO2 extract processed by Full Circle from a variety called Oregon Star and containing a broad terpene profile.

Operating out of a co-op kitchen in North Portland to make thier delectable confections. Lissa’s bake em’ yourself cookies are made in smaller batches, making them comparable to the homemade morsels baked to perfection back in the day by your nana. With three distinct flavors to activate your appetite and temp your tastebuds, Lissa’s Tasty Treats hits the mark no matter the flavor preference.

Lissa’s regular Chocolate Chip cookie dough will take you right to town, is packed with 50mg of THC, and will help you create all sorts of cookie inspired delicacies for everyone to enjoy and snack on.

The new gluten free vegan Peanut Butter dough is both eggless and butter-free, and has an extra dose of creamy peanut butter. You’re guaranteed to love each and every one of them!

The newest addition to the bake em’ yourself family is the CBD rich Snickerdoodle cookie dough. at a 3:1 CBD ratio and with less THC than the other two flavors, this tub of dough also comes with non-infused cinnamon sugar to roll your individual dough balls in or to sprinkle a bit on top. These snickerdoodles are perfect for macrodosing and first time edible eaters.

Three different flavors, two different potencies, and one killer recipe. Lissa’s Tasty Treats are way more than just your average Chips Ahoy or Keebler cookie! Try getting a little innovative by adding a scoop of ice cream and making an ice cream cookie sandwich (watch out Ruby Jewel!) or cool off with the creme de la creme of comfort food and classic combo of a glass of milk and a cookie to go with. If you want to get extra crafty with the dough, use it as a pie crust and create a whole different dessert! Take it to the next level and bake one big pizookie (pizza cookie) to share with all your friends!