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Avitas is a cannabis company solely focused on the production of high-quality cannabis and cannabis-based products that improve the quality wellness for Oregon and Washington consumers. As pioneers within the Oregon and Washington cannabis industry, Avitas never ceases to tailor their products to the needs of the consumer, staying ahead of the trends and the direction of the ever-evolving cannabis culture and industry. Cannabis connoisseurs and seasoned dabbers will be unequivocally impressed with their new line of Caviar cannabis concentrates. Avitas Caviar is a high terpene full spectrum sauce that’s painted over a gorgeous mound of THCa diamonds.

The Daily Leaf crew is an eclectic group made up of dabbers, edible eaters, and joint smokers. When we heard about this new batch of Dragon OG Caviar from Avitas, we had to find where it was in stock. We picked up a gram of the Dragon OG Caviar from Avitas at Oregrown in Bend, and it did everything but disappoint! Dragon OG is typically more sativa-dominant as a hybrid cross between Red Dragon and OG Kush. Fresh dewy flower blossoms on a crisp spring day is the best way to describe the initial bouquet of scents that your hit with when opening the jar. Softer notes of musky kush, mild spices, and lemon will entrap your taste buds. A little dab goes a long way with the Dragon OG Caviar from Avitas, since it does tend to creep up on you after a bit and has drawn out effects that last for hours. Dragon OG produces an eruption of mood-boosting mental stimulation paired with a super soothing and relaxed body high.

Dragon OG is more than meant for the classic wake and bake with a cup of joe, or as an mid-afternoon pick me up. Dragon OG is just what the doctor ordered if you love feeling a tad bit giggly and enjoy euphoric dynamism. For those you that unofficially consider yourselves to be a “functional stoner”, the blast of productivity that Dragon OG provides will be greatly cherished. Dragon OG Caviar from Avitas is highly recommended for sativa-loving adrenaline junkies in search of mass amounts of energy. If you have tasks to get done, Dragon OG Caviar from Avitas might deliver a wave of giggles that will have your setting aside any serious work. This strain is like diving into a pool of delight, though it can be a great match for organizing tasks. If you’re the kind of dabber that can stay focused, an extra dab or two won’t hurt.

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