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Ativas has burst onto the concentrate scene in Oregon with force. The clean, bright look of their packaging matches the taste and effects of the CO2 oil within each cartridge. While processors of flower each have their own process and technique to create their oil, Avitas prides themselves on the “full-spectrum technique” they use to capture the cannabinoids and terpenes for every strain.

The pre-filled cartridges come in four different options; indica, hybrid, sativa, and CBD. We had the pleasure of trying the Hybrid option over the past weekend, after scoring as sample at The Summer Fair.

Much like a Pilsner or Kölsh on a hot summer day, the Hybrid cartridge provided me a light, refreshing drag with a touch of fruit in the after-taste. The cartridge fit perfectly on my Dank Fung Executive pen, and provided a weekend-long option to stay above the heat.

One distinction from Ativas that became apparent the moment the first drag was pulled is the care and thought put into each cartridge. Like locally-crafted brews that can be found at nearly watering-hole in Portland, Ativas applies that thoughtful pursuit of high-quality cannabis oils that keeps customers coming back for more.

The effects of the Hybrid cartridge really took hold about 15 minutes after taking the first pull, and had a light, heady rush that was perfect for laying back and soaking up the sunshine, and was a great addition at night when riding the mental roller coaster of the new Game of Thrones episode.

Beyond cartridges, Ativas cultivates their own premium flower, as well. Their strains include  Dragon OG, Strawberry Fields, Lemon Meringue, MK Ultra, Kimbo Kush as well as rotating seasonal varieties. This expansive operations allows Ativas to ensure their loyal customers consistency, and top-notch quality for the foreseeable future.

I highly recommend running to your local dispensary and picking up as many Ativas cartridges as you can – especially for all that summer travel.

Written By: Zach Phillips