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Private Event Shows Successful Social Use

Though cannabis events aren’t free to open their doors to the public (Oregon is still struggling to define legal social consumption) private parties are filling the void. Last weekend’s dinner hosted by event planner Arcane Revelry, showed us the potential of like minded folks responsibly sharing cannabis and conversation.

Talking directly with producers from Hive Medicated Honey and High Desert Pure enlightened me on the production of both honey and Co2 oil. Did you know there are indoor bee farms? Me neither. I was happy to hear that Hive raises their own free-roaming bees and collects their own honey right here in Eugene. High Desert happily answered my questions about their flower sourcing and what it’s like running a company in Bend when the kayak is constantly calling your name. “Awesome flower helps with both!” Agreed, and the flavorful hit from the ice-sculpture backed that statement up.

Speaking of top-tier, Cannasentials showed off their flower and produce directly from the farm. Presenting the party goers with a wide selection of strains, the Cannasential fam talked each and every person through their line up. Directing each of us toward a flower to fall in love with. Full disclosure, I stuck my nose in at least thirty jars of primo cannabis that night. I still have a few strains haunting my memory and The Polynesian Thin Mints stands out as a favorite. Though the Orange Haze and Sour Diesel joints sitting out on silver trays certainly served as a welcome appetite inducing aperitif.

The meal, presented by chef Chris Bailey, summed up the theme of sustainability and celebrating the whole harvest. The food was of-the-moment seasonal, vegan, inclusive, and served on sustainable palm-frond plates. Drop dead delicious without being too heavy, conversation waned anytime a course dropped. You know the food is good when the veggie farmers sitting behind you give nods of approval after each bite.

Looking Forward

The feature of the night was Ashley Preece from the Cannabis Certification Council. Just back in town from a trip to Florida, where she met with a coalition of tomato farmers. These farmers have created a wide-reaching program that helps protect agricultural worker’s rights. Ashley aims to bring those same standards to the cannabis industry. Hearing her talk about her passion for transparent standards for the cannabis industry on both social and environmental aspects reminded us that the actions we take as an industry today will go a long way toward determining the culture of tomorrow. Though the Orange Haze was a room favorite, I think it was Ashley’s sentiment that got the loudest applause.

Though this was Arcane Revelry’s last event this season, we’re looking forward to their return next spring. (Readers in Seattle and Los Angeles will see them sooner, sign up for updates!) It’s just more evidence that responsible adults are craving an outlet to socialize and enjoy cannabis. For now, you’ll have to keep an eye out for more underground parties and bring-your-own-cannabis mixers. Just look for the sweet-smelling unmarked green door and do your best impression of a secret knock.

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