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When it comes to your daily herb grinding, we know how tedious it could be to go through the motion: grind, open grinder, pull out the herb, close, grind some more. Our hands get sticky when pulling the herb out the grinder, and it could be a messy transfer to joint or bowl.  That A Ha(!) moment hit when I stumbled on the Alpaca Grinder that has an innovative design that allows for grinding PLUS dispensing of your herb.

“I had a normal herb grinder for years. One day while watching a friend struggle with his grinder I thought, ‘there has got to be a better way,’” Chase from Alpaca Grinder said in a recent interview.


“Inspired by the obvious need for a better grinder, I teamed up with an industrial engineer and together we developed Alpaca over two years.”

“We wanted to make something easy and fast that removed all the hassle of old school grinders. Alpaca is the result. Alpaca lets you grind and dispense in seconds with zero mess.”

We really enjoy that Alpaca Grinders create a brand new concept for the traditional grinder. With cannabis moving into a new era of legalization, it is products like The Alpaca that will help transition the industry forward. By taking old norms and daring to introduce change, Alpaca Grinders allows for new ideas to be introduced to a crowd that may be purchasing their first grinder ever.


It could not be any easier;  Simply place the desired amount into the aluminum top, rotate, and allow the titanium double helix below to funnel the plant material into the desired apparatus. When not in use, a small rubber plug can be used to keep material contained while a rare earth magnet keeps the top firmly in place.




The Alpaca Grinder is 30% off the entire month of February.  Click here to order



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