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As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve got no shortage of vape pens sitting around the Daily Leaf offices. Considering the fact that concentrate vape devices simply didn’t exist a few years ago, their proliferation – and mind-numbing diversity – can be a bit overwhelming. The truth is, most options aren’t too different from one another. When we stumble across something that stands out, we’re always eager to take it for a spin. This time, we got our hands on the Mooonstone dab pen and A-Pop bubbler, both from Airistech.

The Moonstone concentrate pen is nothing special by itself. We like the fact that it comes with a couple of extra globes and an extra heating element, as well as a wall outlet adapter for the charger, something we don’t find in a lot of mid-market rigs. We also like that the product is, aside from its rubberized grip, all glass and metal. But at this point, we’re experiencing market convergence; there’s little distinguish one single coil oil pen from the next.

That’s where the A-Pop Bubbler Atomizer comes in. Though aesthetics aren’t the only reason we love this bubbler, it’s hard not enjoy looking like a mad scientist when you vape. Simply drip a thimble-full of water into the top of the A-Pop, attach it to your coil in place of the globe provided with your vape pen, and hold down the battery button to allow a thick cloud of vapor to collect at the base of the globe.

As you release the button and inhale, the single-perk bubbler springs into action, your pen bubbling madly as you watch the thick vapor work its way through the glass. What’s more, despite the fact that the science behind forcing vapor through water makes no sense to us (how is it not absorbed into the liquid water?), the result is smooth, easy hitting vaping. Will the A-Pop revolutionize your vaping experience?


But it’s a pretty awesome and we want to get one for all of our vaping friends.