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Written by Sheena Beronio

Lesotho, a country in Africa, cultivates cannabis since the time people knew how to grow plants. The Basotho people, the natives of Lesotho, treats cannabis as a traditional medicine staple. For the Basothos, cannabis is easier to cultivate and more profitable more than any other crop. 

The ideal climate of Lesotho lessens the sophistication of growing cannabis. The families also rely on the extra money they get from peddling cannabis to cover their basic expenses. 

Lesotho’s government wants to seize the opportunity of Lesotho’s favorable land conditions for cannabis cultivation. With this, the authorities are trying to polish Lesotho’s current legal cannabis plantations to help shake up their economy. The government hopes that the cannabis will add to the list of their current exporting goods and hopefully create more jobs.

Most of Lesotho’s 2.2 million citizens are living in rural areas where the living conditions are hard. The village folk’s only significant means of income is through farming. The government hopes the exportation of cannabis would help fund the country’s basic infrastructure needs such as building roads, water piping, and so on.

Lesotho’s desire to delve into the cannabis industry isn’t recent. Back in 2018, Lesotho was the first African country to put up a system of licensing to cultivate cannabis. This move brought in several important foreign investors like Aphria, and Supreme Cannabis to invest millions of dollars.

Lesotho’s biggest cannabis producer, MG health, received a deal of $7.6 million from Canada’s Supreme Cannabis company in 2018. The sum represents a 10% share of what Supreme Cannabis bought from Medigrow Lesotho. Supreme Cannabis eventually expressed its desire to export cannabis oils to Canada. The deal between the two companies yielded 3,000 open jobs in Lesotho.

MG Health primarily extracts CBD or cannabidiol from the cannabis plants with an extraction control over THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. To comply with the regulations imposed on different countries, they have to make sure that the degree of THC on each mixture coincides with the rules. Now, the country is preparing itself to export CBD oil extracts to Australia, the Middle East, and Europe.

The cannabis demand is on the rise, and so is the demand for low-cost cultivating regions. The country of Lesotho is an obvious choice for most foreign investors as the region has the perfect climate for cannabis cultivation. However, Lesotho will not rise without a sweat. The country will face some competition against countries with similar climates like Jamaica and Colombia.