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Every now and then, we find a top notch strain and go scour the town for good deals on it. Our recent Dr. Who purchase had us looking for more of the strain, which led us to Northwest Portland, over a freeway, under a few overpasses, and up and down a couple of dead ends. Vessel isn’t easy to find, nestled away in the NW industrial area, but it’s worth the trip. The shop is affiliated with Vessel Farms, just south of Eugene, and typically sells six in-house strains, in addition to grows by other cultivators. The in house options are all Clean Green certified, and they’re sold at a fantastic price. We showed up to score a great deal on Dr. Who, but we left with a little taste of Vessel’s 9 Pound Hammer strain as well.


9 Pound Hammer’s potent outdoor grow presents large and leafy buds, light in color with a heavy dusting of yellow trichomes with the occasional orange hair. The aroma is pronounced, with a heavy sour grape bouquet that’s infused with subtle notes of straw. From the looks of the bud, you might expect a less potent marijuana. But this grow, despite it’s leafy outdoor nature, is a full strength option that irregular smokers will probably want to avoid.
This grow is smooth and even burning, relatively easy on the throat. The onset of this indica dominant hybrid is slow – this one is a creeper – but once it comes on, the 9 Pound Hammer high can be extremely long lasting. And although the powerful medication of the strain can lead to extreme physical relaxation and a well entrenched body high, it doesn’t leave the user overwhelmed by couch lock or fatigue. We found the experience similar to our recent taste of Grape Gum. This is an excellent choice for indica lovers looking for an option that won’t keep them from getting on the move.