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The Deanz Greenz team prides ourselves on presenting top shelf flower selections from a series of growers and premium producers. One of the hot listers from the Heroes of the Farm family that’s becoming a trademark strain among consumers is 8541. 

8541 by Heroes of the Farm

8541 is a considerably tasty indica-dominant strain with a genetic background from the well-known kush strain Raspberry Kush and the Scooby Snacks F3 backcross called Guinness. Its name comes from Heroes of the Farm’s expansive operation from the early days before things really took off. The sugar coated nugs have an airy raspberry cream scent with a hint of tumeric and smoked paprika. The slight essence from the Kush half of the strain gives off a general earthy Kush aroma with mild notes of blackberries and spearmint leaves. 

In an instant 8541’s effects hits users dead in the head which isn’t normal for most indicas, but also radiates throughout the body. Starting off in the crown of the head and travelling into the cheeks and eyelids, the high from 8541 then circulates into the entire frame creating a set of serene feelings that will fill consumers with a stirring psychological buzz tied in with a chill physical stone. The effects are pretty balanced overall, so many will express experiencing cerebral sensations and a calm mood with waves of physical relief for muscle tension and other painful conditions. 

In hefty doses 8541 has the potential to induce a somewhat sleepy state that can leave most completely couch-locked for the night. The appetite promoting attributes of this hybrid will cause an all out snack attack, so anything in sight is up for grabs as long as it’s edible. This rare strain is a great smoke for chilling out after a hard day. For medicinal purposes, 8541 works well for people who have sleeping challenges or are looking for help winding down. Use this strain as a nightcap and you should get a full night’s sleep.

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