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If you’re from the east side of the country, or anywhere else, you’ve probably experienced a snowstorm or two consuming the skies above and unleashing an incredible amount of snow. It’s not that bad, but the roads aren’t always drivable in the snowy parts of the year, so we hand-picked a few movies to fulfill all your Snow Day demands. Here are 5 Great Snow Day Movies for Stoners:

  1. Super Troopers

This is always going to be classic comedy film rain, shine, or snow. It’s about troopers from the state of Vermont who choose to mess with and create chaos with almost everyone they pull over and throw in the backseat of their cruiser. It’s totally all fun and games up until the point where they are threatened to be shut down by a local police department. They make the decision that the only way to protect and save their jobs and department is to solve a huge crime. Always an interesting tale and a great one to light a joint to on a super snowy day indoors.

  1. Tusk

For anyone who enjoys getting a little freaked out while being stoned. Horror always takes the cake on this one. It may not be a “Holy crap, that made me jump and scream my lungs out” kind of film, but it is extremely creepy…sometimes it’s really hard to watch, especially alone. Here’s the premise: A  radio host known to be a complete jerk, does nothing more than make fun of innocent people, happens to get the interview of a lifetime with a nutty yet eccentric millionaire. Much to his surprise this guy had a very, how should we put it “intimate” relationship with a walrus during his time of travel to the arctic; and now he wants his walrus back.

  1. The Interview

This is kind of a no brainer and you so should have seen this one coming. It made the cut and is on this list because it’s absolutely hilarious! Here’s how the story goes: A talk-show host who makes his living off of juicy celebrity gossip gets the chance to interview Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of North Korea. You know the rest, it almost started WWIII believe it or not. As far as this film goes, it’s much crazier and more insane than you would expect.

  1. Hot Rod

Another ludicrously dopey yet funny comedy, Hot Rod follows the adventures of a hopeful wannabe stuntman, doing his best to follow in his dead father’s footsteps. Unfortunately for him his stepdad is not as charming and Rod unceasingly strives to prove himself to his new dad. After measureless failures, losses and face plants, Rod finally finds a way to earn his stepfather’s approval and respect. But there’s a twist and Rod will have to pull off the ultimate stunt to raise the money for this plot twist. Or at least he’ll do his best.

  1. Elephant White

Taking the final spot on the list, this movie follows an incredibly rebel mercenary who is hired by a father to get vengeance on a gang that took his daughter and sold her into prostitution. I know exactly what you’re probably thinking, “UGHHH!! Not Taken again, there are already 3 of those!” This movie is Taken bumped up ten notches, seriously it’s Taken on steroids. If you’re really into non-stop jam-packed action and bad guys getting blown to pieces, then this is most definitely the movie for you!

These are just a handful of movies to watch on a super snowy day when you got nothing to do, nowhere to be, and just want to smoke, cuddle up with some hot cocoa and watch some authentically solid films. Have any other movies ideas?


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