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We all have a sweet tooth but when the munchies start to roll around and the line at Voodoo is around the block, where are some other spots to check out to get a fresh bear claw? Try stopping by some of these other donut shops that will be sure to switch out your weed high for a sugar rush. According to these are some of the best spots to get donuts in Portland.

Blue Star


What you have to try: The lemon-poppy seed buttermilk

Now with three locations (Hawthorne, Mississippi, and Downtown), this small local chain uses a long-established French brioche recipe for its dough and features fresh contemporary flavors  and undertones like Cointreau creme brûlée and blueberry-bourbon-basil, though the lemon-poppy seed is the best muffin-flavored donut you’ll ever have.

Tasty n Sons

North Williams

What you have to try: The chocolate potato doughnut

John Gorham’s bustling brunch and dinner business revamped their menu and modified their space not to long ago, but the Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise isn’t going anywhere.

Pip’s Original Doughnut


What you have to try: The raw honey and sea salt doughnut

There’s nowhere else in Portland where you can find an illuminated case packed with rows of radiantly frosted pastries and donut other than here, but that’s a very good thing right? They even have sliders of donuts, and the ones covered in sweet and savory honey and sea salt could be inhaled in a quickness.

Coco Donuts


What you have to try: The chocolate butter bar

At the Broadway location of Coco Donuts you’ll be witness to a beautiful case filled with pastel-frosted choices, plenty of old-fashioneds, and sugar/caffeine-induced college students on their laptops. Then again, you might not notice all of that because your sights are set on this creamy old-fashioned number.

Tonnalli’s Donuts & Cream

Alberta Arts District

The Must-Get Donut: The Milk Bar or the Old Fashioned

This is by far my personal favorite spot, and not just because it’s in my neighborhood. There’s no farce here – Tonnalli’s is just a regular old everyday donut shop, the kind you’d see cops hanging around in a smaller town of Oregon. at in a Midwest town. You have to try the Milk Bar (an amazing little bunt cake), or the Old Fashioned (one of my favorites, a heavily glazed fried gem that’s crispy on the edges and slightly raw in the middle). Oh, I forgot to mention that they have ice cream too. Score!

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