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On this, the highest of all holidays (apologies to Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur), the internet is full of wacky weed stories and our site is full of absolutely absurd deals and discounts in every part of Portland. But we wanted to do something just a little bit different. Instead of focusing on the marijuana, which we’re sure you’ve got covered today, we’re gonna talk about something that might become very important shortly after you’ve partaken: Portland’s best pie. Your Daily Leaf correspondent has been on the hunt for the finest in round and flaky confectionary in Rip City over the past several months. There’s no better day to unveil Portland’s top five pie spots.

The Pie Spot – 521 NE 24th

We have very mixed feelings about The Pie Spot. On the one hand, it serves both delicious filling and crust, a combo that can be hard to find. On the other hand, it specializes in “pie holes”, which are tiny personal pies. Pie Holes are inferior to pies, because the crust to filling ratio is all off: too much crusty and not enough sweet goodness. The main location is temporarily closed due to a fire, but they still take orders.

  1. Sweedeedee – 5202 N Albina

The decor feels like the less Hollywood version of a shop run by a Zooey Deschanel character, which works, and though the pie selection is smaller than some competitors, quality is high. The fillings outpace the crusts, and we wouldn’t be mad if they made our slices a little bigger. But it’s a restaurant that serves pies, not a pie shop, so there’s a lot more on offer than just a fix for your sweet tooth.

  1. Bipartisan Cafe – 7901 SE Stark

What this cafe lacks in atmosphere it makes up for in a vast pie selection. The food isn’t bad, but we usually skip it in favor of the pies after a happy hour snack at the nearby Observatory. Our favorites are the berry crumbles.

  1. Random Order Coffee House And Bakery – 1800 NE Alberta

The space is small and can get a bit crowded, but the staff is undoubtedly the most friendly and coolest in town. They make both savory and sweet pies, but we don’t even pretend to be interested in non-desert pies. We don’t love the food, but we do love the pies. This is a very close second behind our top pick, losing out due to a slightly less delicious crust.

  1. Lauretta Jean’s – 3402 SE Division

We hereby dub Lauretta Jean’s the best pie in Portland (aside from my mom’s). It wins for the combination of vast selection, innovative flavors, great filling, and the top crust. We find the location to be a bit twee (the tiny downtown shop is great, though) and prefer the friendly staff at Random Order, but when it comes down to basics, Lauretta Jean has got Portland’s best pie.

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