Portland 420


This Portland 420 we are bringing back the deals! You can get a 1/4 oz and a full gram cartridge from Urban Pharms for $30. Mirth Provisions is offering 4 Giants for $20!

Urban Pharms, located in Medford, Oregon produces high quality cannabis flower, oils, and vaporizers to the recreational marijuana market. This dedicated professional team develops new and safe ways for consumers to use cannabis. The state-of-the-art facility allows Urban Pharms to produce twenty-nine strains of both outdoor and greenhouse-grown flower alongside medical cannabis products including CO2 extracted oils and edibles. With a heart for cannabis and a goal to provide the safest and best quality cannabis product, Urban Pharms continues to help Oregon consumers!


Giant is unlike any cannabis beverage out there. Powerful botanicals align with the natural terpenes of your favorite cannabis strains to create a harmonic convergence of mind and body. Or simply put, you’ll feel damn good. Discover four unique experiences: Waking, Gentle, Jolly and Mental. In the edibles world, it’s not a big deal. It’s Giant.


Our giveaway this year has items that were hand selected to not only give you quality items but give you a huge variety. We have everything from a butter maker to high-end glass to get you high on your favorite holiday. Portland 420 has always been special to us and Urban Pharms and Mirth Provisions have definitely made this one special. You can enter once and we will select a winner on 4/20 to make sure you have your items in time to smoke out your friends.