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Wild West Growers Baby J’s are potent and flavorful, made from our select sativa-dominant jar-cured cannabis. A Boveda humidity control packet in every package of Daily J’s uses pure water to keep the humidity of our joints at the perfect level for freshness, smoothness, and flavor.  Daily J’s are never made with trim or shake, just 100% great-tasting cured flower.

We at the Daily Leaf get a chance to review tons of marijuana, these have to be the smallest we have ever tried. Baby J’s by Wild West Growers are an excellent stocking stuffer. A sturdy little tin contains three 1/3 gram mini-joints, expertly packed with Wild West Grower’s top choice flower. I was able to try out both their indica and sativa offerings, and both were exactly the lift I needed. The sativa provided loads of creative energy, while the indica relaxed my body without causing sleepiness. The tiny joints are the perfect size for a quick burn, with the tin making for a great stash box as well.

With the inclusion of  Boveda humidity control packet, Baby J’s are guaranteed to remain at optimal freshness, which is a nice touch that indicates a commitment to customer satisfaction. The next time you need a stash of pre-rolls for when you don’t have time for a long smoke session, pick up some Baby J’s and you’ll have literally have a solution in your pocket.

The Packaging – Durable tin with sliding lid 10/10

The Smell Before Smoking – Super-fresh and potent 9/10

The Roll Quality – Very nicely rolled, includes crutch 8.5/10

The Taste – Powerful, yet pleasant taste. Smooth on the way in and out. No excessive coughing 9/10

The Burn – Thru – Burned mostly perfectly, had to prevent a runner in 2 of the 4 joints I tried. 8/10

The High – The indica was relaxing and euphoric, the sativa full of energy and creativity 9/10

Total 53.5/60

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