Blue Dream Strain

Urban Pharms – Blue Dream Strain Review

This Blue Dream strain is one of several strains from Urban Pharms I was able to try recently, and secures their score as an A+ across the board. It’s difficult to stay objective with this one, because it really is on the go-to list of personal favorites, for its well-balanced effects, delicious flavor, and gorgeous buds.

Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant hybrid, but many have noted that it has an excellent balance of both types, depending on the batch. Urban Pharms’ Blue Dream is really the perfect hybrid. The weed provides the body relaxation effect of Indica and uplifting cerebral euphoria, indicative of Sativa strains. Blue Dream delivers long-lasting symptom relief without heavy sedation. Recommended for experienced and first time users, as the herb has mellow onset and prolonged pain relief. Blue Dream cannabis is good for day and evening time use.

Generally speaking, the Blue Dream strain is popular for removing all types of stress and anxiety. Its calming mind-warp is a staple of the strain that is prominent in even the strongest Indica-dominant batches of Blue Dream I have come across.

Long, thick, tan hairs are common when visually inspecting the Blue Dream strain. The smell is always rich, with a subtle sugar-cookie funk. This particular batch of Blue Dream has really frosty buds covered in so many sparkling trichomes that it made the overall appearance of the buds seem lighter in color. The vapor from the Blue Dream strain is super smooth, coating the entire mouth with a sweet blueberry sugar taste on the exhale.


About Urban Pharms

“Our state-of-the-art facilities produce 29 strains (and growing) of outdoor and greenhouse cannabis, as well as top-of-the-line CO2 extracted medicinal cannabis products and edibles.

To ensure our products are of the highest quality, our laboratory is managed by a certified chemist, and our processes adhere to stringent production methods.

Urban Pharms is producing the safest and finest cannabis products to a discerning and deserving community. We are humbled to be part of this historic movement and proud to create products that help improve the quality of people’s lives.”

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