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Uplifted Farms is a premium indoor cannabis cultivating facility operating out of Salem, Oregon that is spear-headed by a young man fully invested in cannabis for years. What started out as a small medical grow of three plants, has expanded over time to now serve the legal recreational market. Together with a dedicated team, he has been able to establish a successful brand with the ‘goods’ to back it up! On a constant hunt for the highest quality genetics and growing an ever expanding variety of grade A cannabis, Uplifted Farms is known for their top shelf medication. At Uplifted, ‘Science’ is explored with a lot of ‘Love’.

Orange Aid is a Sativa dominant hybrid cross of Tangie x Purple Punch, and one of Uplifted Farms premium strains. At 22% THC, think ‘uplifted’, airy thoughts with grounding body effects and a twist of citrus. The orange flavor mild enough to taste like a quenching liquid beverage. Light, and just as pleasantly refreshing. Orange Aid simulates the senses with the same recognizable palate filling mineral finish of a Gatorade. That finish ultimately dry coating the mouth with the a satisfying feeling relatable to eating a great dinner roll or bread. Full, Content, Satisfied, there is a strong correlation to the settling notes found in parent Purple Punch. Simultaneously, your mind is freed and taken into action where creativity is favored. With the balance of these characteristics, you are relieved of any anxiety and able to enjoy the present in calmness. Uplifted’s Orange Aid is a wonderful, fully matured, dense, fragrant flower. What you see & smell is what you get in a very satisfying, tasty smoke.

Operating out of a ‘restored’ 52,000 square foot space built in 1919, Uplifted is one of the top craft cannabis farms in the Pacific Northwest. Every environmental input is considered and optimized to produce some of the cleanest tasting, terpene-filled flower in Oregon. Their herb is truly for the healing of the nations. And just like those irresistible, delicious, creamy orange flavored Starbursts, Orange Aid, will keep you wanting more! Stay Uplifted!!

Omar Hajjar



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