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The cannabis industry, although booming, is still in its early stages. One of the most crucial elements of the industry is the distribution of products from growers and producers to retailers. At the forefront of distribution in Oregon is The Sweet Life Distribution. We were able to catch up with Joy Contreras, CEO of  The Sweet Life, and gain some insight into not just the wholesale distribution side of cannabis, but what exactly sets  The Sweet Life apart and ahead of others in the industry.

Joy got her start in the pharmaceutical and financial industries, and it’s this experience which makes her so well-suited as a leader in Oregon cannabis. Initially recruited by Urban Pharms, Joy was able to learn first-hand which areas of the fledgeling retail market were lacking. It was clear that vendors and retailers were desperate for professionalism, and from this need was born the model for The Sweet Life and how it connects with its customer base.

Since getting their license in February 2016 and starting with just a handful of brands, The Sweet Life has grown to represent about 30, with no signs of slowing down. By setting a high standard of excellence and identifying areas lacking in the market, The Sweet Life is really the only distribution company around which is doing it right. They have even created new systems for distribution and sales that didn’t exist, all in the effort to set a foundation of professionalism within the cannabis industry.

The Sweet Life has established a support system which is designed to foster professionalism, quality, and customer satisfaction. One of the foundations for this approach is ensuring its employee structure is supportive as well. The employees of The Sweet Life receive health benefits and 401Ks, setting it apart from many other distributors. They are professional salespeople who are also students of sales. Always learning, growing, and sharing knowledge and support, the folks at The Sweet Life have created and thrive from a healthy sales culture. As much a family as a sales team, they even read books together to strengthen their knowledge and their working relationships.

Joy sees The Sweet Life as a sort of extension cord between amazing cannabis brands and fantastic cannabis retailers, and their system is above and beyond their competitors. Even while their salespeople are working on a first-name basis with 45-50 accounts, every piston of The Sweet Life is always firing at high efficiency. They offer solutions to retailers across the spectrum and make it easy to fill every inch of shelf space with products from The Sweet Life. With the multitudes of brands on the market, this provides an invaluably efficient service for dispensaries who just want to offer the best products possible to customers. The Sweet Life even encourages retailers to come to their shop and explore their options, like a cannabis Costco if you will.

To hear Joy Contreras talk about The Sweet Life is to hear someone with an obvious passion for the cannabis industry, and who has a distinct vision for the standards by which it should operate. Professional client service, a collective of wise salespeople, and a commitment to excellence and efficiency are the assets they utilize to make it happen every day, as well as what makes The Sweet Life the standard other distribution companies should hope to emulate.


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