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Just because the holiday season is over, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself to something sweet and deliciously intoxicating. Thanks to their unrivaled quality and elegance in presentation, Grace Notes edibles by Sweet Cannabis can’t be missed by cannabis enthusiasts.

The Winter Mint, with its peppermint flavor and seasonal colors, represents not only the feeling of the season, but a company which aims for a very classy and nostalgic vibe, and succeeds in both fronts. Grace Notes frames their perspective as a callback to the days of jazz clubs and seductive singers in reefer-hazed nightclubs, and are made with the same grace and passion as the music from which they are inspired.

At 3 candies per box, with each measuring 5mg of THC, these festive little chocolates are sure to bring you out of winter blues, relieve pain, ease anxiety, and just generally lift spirits. Even if peppermint isn’t your thing, Grace Notes also offers Winter Notes in orange, as well as coffee/cinnamon and rum/passionfruit. Truly something for everyone.


“Winter Notes – Mint are the finest gourmet cannabis-infused chocolate edibles available on the market. Eloquently handcrafted from premium natural ingredients by our team of confectionery chefs and chocolatiers, Grace Notes edibles are made with 100% pure cannabis oil.  Grace Notes are gently dosed and expertly flavored as a harmoniously balanced riff on reefer songs of the past.

In the 1930s the early pioneers of jazz (including greats like Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Bessie Smith) were avowed users of cannabis, “hepcats”. It gave them the stamina to play through long nights. They also knew that gage lengthened time—allowing them to play the improvisations between written notes… the grace notes.

At Grace Notes Edibles we honor their story, the idea of lengthening the time, fostering community, and creating something beautiful. Each note is eloquently crafted from natural ingredients in our artisanal kitchen.”

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