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RĒL Vape’s Budtender of the Month

Recognizing budtenders who go above and beyond to educate and provide exceptional customer service. The winners are chosen based on customer voting and comments.

Vote for your favorite budtender from any dispensary that carries RĒL Vape. The winners receive awesome swag and CASH!

1st Place $100

2nd Place $50

3rd Place $25

The RĒL Vape® brand promise is to offer consumers a sophisticated line of stylish, sleek and discreet products that deliver superior flavor, potency and a guaranteed experience every time.

The RĒL Vape exclusive multi-stage process includes CO2 extraction and a proprietary finishing process that utilizes physics, chemistry and nanotechnology. These techniques allow us to manipulate the oil at the micro level and transform the bio-availability of the THC/CBD compounds, resulting in consistent potency, pure/natural flavor and a more intense, longer lasting experience for RĒL Vape consumers.

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