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Botanica PDX 
Foster-Powell | 4124 SE 60th Ave, Portland Ore.

$25 / $30 (Rec.   |   $30 / $36 (Rec.)

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Product Description

$25 / $30 (Rec.) – Includes glass jar

SOLD OUT –  AK-47 (sativa-dom. hybrid) THC 16.3%   CBD <LOQ
Effect: Steady and long-lasting cerebral buzz that keeps you mentally alert and engaged in creative or social activities
Genetics: Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties Grower: Aroma Cannabis

JILLYBEAN (balanced hybrid)    THC 15.65% CBD <LOQ
Effect: Known for its upbeat, happy and giggly effects; creative and long-lasting euphoria
Genetics: Orange Velvet x Space Queen Grower: Aroma Cannabis

BLUEBERRY COOKIES (indica-dom. hybrid)   THC 14.86% CBD <LOQ
Effect: Immediate rush of cerebral intensity; evolves into a deep body relaxation
Genetics: Blueberry x GSC Grower: Aroma Cannabis

$30 / $36 (Rec.) – Includes glass jar
AGENT ORANGE (sativa-dom. hybrid)  THC 18.41%   CBD 0.06%
Effect: Well balanced and smooth with creative and uplifting effects
Genetics: Orange Velvet x Jack the Ripper   Grower: Groen Farms

GOLDEN GOAT (sativa-dom. hybrid)  THC 22.5%   CBD 0.08%
Effect: Full-bodied , long-lasting sativa high; positive, uplifting and vibrant.
Genetics: GSC x Gorilla Glue #4 Grower: Groen Farms

PURPLE TRAINWRECK (indica-dom. hybrid)   THC 17.96%   CBD 0.07%
Effect: A stimulating cerebral experience anchored in full physical relaxation
Genetics: Mendo Purps x Trainwreck         Grower: Groen Farms

WAPPA (indica-dom. hybrid)  THC 25.39%   CBD 0.12%
Effect: Immediate sense of calm euphoria and relaxation
Genetics: Unknown      Grower: Groen Farms

WHITE WEDDING CAKE (balanced hybrid) THC 19.05%   CBD <LOQ
Effect: Well-balanced and intensely potent cerebral effects; great for thought-provoking relaxation or meditation
Genetics: Wedding Cake x The White   Grower: Aroma Cannabis

FRANK’S GIFT (high CBD balanced hybrid)   THC 7.0%   CBD 15.44%
Effect: Mental clarity with comforting body relaxation.

Seller Information

  • Store Name: BotanicaFoster
  • Seller: BotanicaFoster
  • Address: 4124 SE 60th Ave
    Portland, OR 97206
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