New York City Marijuana Prohibition May End Soon

New York City Marijuana Prohibition may come to an end next year if politicians in The Big Apple have their way. Not even 48 hours after The New York Times published an investigation on the racial disparities of marijuana arrests on Sunday, Governor Cuomo announced that his commission to study marijuana legalization would release their report on legalization in “days,” […]

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Hemp Amendment Blocked by Congress

The newest act in a series of anti-cannabis moves sees congressional Republican leadership blocking consideration of several industrial hemp amendments. Hemp advocates were seeking to attach the measures to the large-scale Farm Bill, which sets food and agriculture policy for the country, but the House Rules Committee on Wednesday decided that the proposals cannot be […]

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Medical Marijuana Protected by Congressional Comittee

In recent months members of Congress have taken steps to prevent Attorney General Jeff Sessions from enacting a medical marijuana crackdown. But their latest move may be their most dramatic so far. The House Appropriations Committee has passed the so-called Joyce Amendment, which restricts Department of Justice funding for prosecuting state-approved medical cannabis programs. The passage marks the first time […]

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Cannassentials – Headband #5 Review

Headband #5 from Cannassentials is an Indica dominant hybrid that is rather true to its name.  Many enthusiasts say it gives the sensation of wearing a headband after smoking. Headband #5 delivers a deep high that is not ideal for critical thinking or decision making, as you’ll feel somewhat distant and in your own world. Headband #5 is good for day […]

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Congress Pushes VA to Explore Cannabis for PTSD

A bipartisan bill introduced this week would effectively erase the Department of Veterans Affairs’ excuse for not researching the benefits of cannabis for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other related ailments. The VA Medicinal Cannabis Research Act of 2018 would eliminate the federal foot-dragging preventing vets from the medicine they need. The bill has […]

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2018 Cultivation Classic Winners

As you enter Revolution Hall, you become extremely aware of how many terrific companies and innovative leaders there are in the Oregon cannabis industry. Once cannabis was legalized for Oregonians in 2015, Rep. Earl Blumenauer wanted to showcase Oregon farms and cultivators as the nation’s best place for clean, craft cannabis. This idea became the […]

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Texas is Trying to Ban CBD Products

Just a month after a Texas health agency proposed cracking down on CBD, the cannabis industry is actively trying to change the minds of health authorities about CBD to keep the products on shelves throughout the state. Panic began in March when the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) announced a draft plan to pull […]

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Understanding Cannabis Flavonoids

We have already gone over the properties and identifying qualities of the various cannabis terpenes, and in our continuing mission to educate readers in the enormous field of cannabis knowledge, today we look at flavonoids. Cannabis flavonoids play a crucial role in the odor and flavor variances between marijuana strain varieties. With more than 200 active […]

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