Pistil Point

Pistil Point Cannabis is a premium craft cannabis producer and extractor located in Portland, Oregon. It is home to one of the largest indoor grows in the Pacific Northwest and the facility produces some of the highest quality strains on the market. Pistil Point Cannabis has established itself as a leader in the cannabis industry by ensuring the best indoor growing conditions possible.

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This award winning strain is full of tropical berry aromas. It is an indica dominant strain and it’s high 25% THC test results make it a customer favorite. It is the perfect strain to relax and wind down after a long day. With high levels of the terpenes linalool, humulene and beta-caryophyllene, indulge in the taste of this sweet candy-like strain.



This sativa dominant strain is ideal for daytime smoking. It’s high THC percentage of 29% produces an energetic high that is both euphoric and productive. Full of limonene and beta-pinene, this delicious strain has a deep aroma of tart citrus which accentuates the sweet and sour taste. Our Clementine is the ideal choice for a well-balanced smoking experience.


Orange Juice

This powerful strain is packed with the flavors of freshly squeezed orange juice. Ideal for both daytime and evening use, this indica hybrid is perfect for those who want both the calming effects of an indica and cerebral effects of a sativa. With it’s beneficial qualities and mouthwatering taste, it is a perfect addition to your daily smoking routine.


Gorilla Glue #4

Our premium Gorilla Glue #4 is as sticky as it gets. It is an indica dominant hybrid, perfect for those who want a full body experience and complete relaxation. Testing at 28% THC, this powerful strain gives consumers the sedative effects that other strains can’t achieve. With it’s decadent chocolate aroma, this Gorilla Glue #4 is the go-to strain for many cannabis connoisseurs.


This premium strain is a perfect blend of longtime favorites, Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Light green, and crystal covered, this saliva-heavy hybrid has a sweet, almost piney taste and is a favorite for those seeking an uplifting, and energetic high. Testing at over 21% THC, this strain has developed a reputation for anxiety and depression relief too. If you are looking for a great overall smoking experience, you really can’t go wrong with the J1.

Mendo Breathe

Mendo Breath is a cross between OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage and is a favorite for those looking for something that really packs a punch. Testing out at over 22% THC, this potent, earthy-smelling strain is would be great for unwinding after a stressful day. The OG Kush lineage is famous it’s euphoric highs and perfect bowl-sized nuggets and this strain is no exception.

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