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Before my time in the more enlightened state of Oregon, I used to dream about being able to purchase a ‘pack of joints’. Let it be said that Pilot Farm has made dreams come true with their 1/8th oz, 7 pre-roll offering. These joints are rolled with care, and stuffed with high-quality Mountain Girl, which is an Oregon favorite.

The impressive, sturdy branded cylinder houses the more traditional plastic tube and also features the nice touch of a 2-way humidity control packet to keep your joints fresh and smokable. Each pre-roll is more than enough to get you baked to satisfaction at around 20% THC.

Each joint burned pretty well, with only two attempts at runners over the seven smoking sessions. While these aren’ the absolute best pre-rolls I have reviewed, they are by no means a bad purchase, and will not disappoint.

Mountain Girl is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a potent three-way cross of Willy’s Wonder, Grand Daddy Purps, and White Widow. It is known for its beautiful buds, which are tight and blue-green, with amber hairs and a coating of blue-tinted crystal trichomes.

Fans of the strain say that it has a nice mood elevation and can be energetic, without being too draining or giving you couchlock. However, be careful of dry mouth and the munchies…

The artistry and care which go into each of Pilot Farm’s products cannot be overstated. They take pride in each and every step of the process and produce each within the guidelines of Clean Green Certification.  Recommended to those seeking a powerful head high and some creative energy, and for those treating depression.

The Packaging – Nice, sturdy cardboard outer cylinder, contains traditional plastic tube  10/10
The Smell Before Smoking – Fresh and inviting, likely due to the stay-fresh packet within the tube 8.5/10
Roll Quality- Mostly very well-rolled, with a couple of slight runners, which were easily fixed 8/10
The Taste – Not as smooth as desired, but not nasty or choke-inducing 7/10
The Burn – Well Rolled Joints usually smoke well and this one didn’t disappoint. 9/10
The High – Indica head high without the typical indica sluggishness 8.5/10

Total 51/60

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