PDX Organics

PDX Organics

locally owned, locally grown.

We’re passionate about producing cannabis and believe in its healing powers and ability to accentuate the best parts of life. In all phases of cannabis cultivation, we strive to go above and beyond. We grow small batches by hand focusing on quality over quantity. We take our time and focus on bringing out the best qualities of each strain. Our years of experience and a deep love for the plant allow us to produce consistently premium cannabis. Our goal is to be natural and sustainable by using natural growing techniques in a modern facility to produce the cleanest and safest products.

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PDX Organics

Demand Quality. 100% Premium Flower.

Smoking cannabis should always be an enjoyable experience. Lit Sticks give you the convenience of having a perfectly handcrafted pre-rolled joint anywhere without having to do all the work. Lit Sticks are the perfect on the go option for social gatherings, travel, or your daily adventure. They won’t only get you lit, but allow you to share the experience with others in just about any setting.

No Leaves or Stems

Every joint contains 100% ground up buds. All of the cannabis is grown in-house and lab tested to ensure purity, potency, and consistency.

Hand Rolled

We hand roll and evenly fill each joint to create a nice even burn all the way through.

Natural Flavor

We use Element rice papers and Raw wide crutches so that every drag is great tasting and smooth.

Durable Packaging

Each pre-rolled joint comes individually sealed in a plastic tube to keep your joints safe and secure from getting bent, broken, or wet.

Strain-Specific Packs

Choose from a variety of singles and 3 packs featuring our most popular strains.

To learn more about us or our strains please visit our website:
To keep up with our latest drops and newest products follow us:
facebook: @pdxorganicfarms @litsticks
Instagram: @pdxorganicfarms @lit_sticks

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